New Features in FORTE 10 – Interview With Simon

FORTE 10 is set to be released in just a few weeks’ time. After our last post, we received some questions that our product manager, Simon, answers in the video below.

Simon also gives you an insight into our new scan engine called ScanScore.

And there’s even more… you’ll meet Bandora! Bandora will help you create automatic, professional sounding arrangements in just a few clicks.

Check it all out here:

New Features in FORTE 10 - Interview with Simon

We hope you found the video helpful. Let us know in the comments below.

Your FORTE team.

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    • FORTE Admin
      FORTE Admin says:

      Dear Joe, pricing will be published soon on our website. There will be special offers on release date, so make sure not to miss those.

  1. Victor Durocher
    Victor Durocher says:

    These are some great improvements.
    The one option I really would like to see is the ability to save a file in an earlier format. I have friends who cannot upgrade each time. And I don’t like having to keep different versions on my computer.

  2. Anastasio Merino
    Anastasio Merino says:

    Me agrada lo expuesto en el video,
    sobre todo la “Layout Setup ” para el
    dimensionado de la partitura; excepcioalmente la demostración del scaneado. Apoyo la opinión expuesta por Victor Durocher .- ( ya tiene respuesta considero que valida para todos)

    • FORTE Admin
      FORTE Admin says:

      Hola Anastasio,
      gracias por tu comentario.
      Como ya le dije a Víctor, hemos diseñado el FORTE Free exactamente para eso.
      Muchos saludos,

  3. Ricky Benjamin
    Ricky Benjamin says:

    I downloaded Forte 10 and deleted
    my Forte 9 after installing Forte 10.
    I’m supposed to get a discount on Forte 10, but, paid the full price. I don’t know whether I used a different email address that caused me to pay more. I bought Forte 10 on the first day it came out.

    (Edited due to our privacy policy: removing email address from customer)


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