Here comes FORTE Scan!

Now take a picture with your smartphone,
and FORTE Scan will convert it
so you can start editing immediately…

Maybe you’ve wanted to transpose your music, set up playback of your choir part, or finally digitize your sheet music archive? We’ve been hard at work on the new scanning module to get it just right. The recognition is much better now, the user interface is much friendlier, and best of all, now your smartphone can be your scanner!
There are three ways to scan your music with FORTE 8:

  • You can use the conventional way using a printed original and a desktop scanner.
  • You can import image files.
  • Or you can quickly snap a picture with your smartphone or tablet, using FORTE’s Scan App

The FORTE Scan App: Your mobile Scanner
FORTE’s Scan App is available for Android and iOS devices. We’ll be releasing it on Monday, and you can download it for free. When you synchronize your phone or tablet with your computer via a QR-Code, the pictures you take with the app are automatically loaded into FORTE’s Scan Module. This works just as well when you’re on the road! When you get back to your computer later, you’ll find the sheet music you took pictures of ready to select for scanning.


The app in action.

The new User Interface: Step by Step to a Flawless Result
FORTE Scan guides you through the whole process. First, the general parameters like clef, key and meter are set. Next, FORTE Scan asks you about possible mistakes within the measures. If you find a wrong note, just mark it. Finally, FORTE suggests alternate readings of the same measure. In very rare occurences, none of the suggestions is correct. FORTE Scan will then export an empty measure.


In this step, you mark the wrong elements.


Alternate readings look like this.
Since the original was a very bad copy, none of the suggestions is correct.

Once FORTE Scan has read your score, you can open it in FORTE for further editing. Some elements, such as dynamic markers for example, will need to be added manually. You’ll also look it over to eliminate any last tiny misreads. Once you’ve added the title information & edited the layout to your preferences, your score is final. Enjoy your newly digitized music!

So, what do you think? How do you like it?
Which score will you digitize first with your FORTE Scan?
We’re so looking forward to your comments on our blog.

11 replies
  1. Nori
    Nori says:

    This is great! Does this mean, if you bought FORTE 8, you would not need to purchase “SharpEye Music Reader” separately for scanning?

  2. Ricky Wong
    Ricky Wong says:

    I just tried it and it is not working at all. After it recognize the clef and signature, when it go the the third bar, it recognize another clef which actually is notes in the bar, should allow user to reject that and accept that as note.

    I was totally disappointed!!

    • FORTE Admin
      FORTE Admin says:

      Dear Ricky,

      please send us more and detailed information of your problem at
      What kind of computer do you use and what operating system? It would be great if you could send us your picture file of your sheet music, too.

      Best regards,

  3. ricky wong
    ricky wong says:

    why did you remove my comment which is constructive. Please response, otherwise I will put my comments on all social media and reviews!!!

  4. ricky wong
    ricky wong says:

    Thanks for your reply.
    I jumped on the offer on the first day and what I need is the scan function to import some of my church score in order to learn the different parts, but was very disappointed. I should know where the key signature is and analyze accordingly. I will contact support with image of my scanned picture.
    my computer is i7 4 cores windows 10 64 bit with all the latest update.

    • FORTE Team
      FORTE Team says:

      Hi Ricky,
      thank you for your feedback.
      I’m sorry to hear you’re not happy with the results of FORTE Scan.
      Thanks for getting in touch with the support team 🙂

      Happy scoring!
      FORTE Team

  5. Erik Hans Vagen
    Erik Hans Vagen says:

    I am trying to scan and transpose sheet music.
    It would be nice to have, but I can’t afford it.
    I should do it like we did in college up at Berklee in Boston, Ma.

    Now I am retired after working the US Postal Service 33 years.

    Erik Hans Vagen

    I am halv Nederlans ubnd halv Norse


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