FORTE 10: A First Glimpse

FORTE 10 will be released soon!

And today, we wanted to give you a first insight into the new features…

FORTE 10 Premium comes with a new scan engine, which will replace FORTE Scan and yields much better results.

Also, we’ll be releasing a new tool so you can generate automatic arrangements for your songs. We’ll be posting more details about this in the weeks to come.

But for now, check out the quick animation below showing one cool feature from FORTE 10…

This feature gives you the option to invert the color scheme. In “Night Mode,” everything appears dark so you can work more easily.

This is how it looks:

In the weeks to come, we’ll introduce you to all of FORTE’s new features.

Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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  1. Yaakov Krupka
    Yaakov Krupka says:

    As to the above feature “Night Mode” it would require also the score be with black or dark gray background and yellow or amber color the staff and notes. Also, the color adoption should be automatic: the black staff and notes to be automatically changed to the yellow but when printing it should send the original black color staff and notes.
    Best regards,

  2. Victor Durocher
    Victor Durocher says:

    This is a cool feature, but I find it more of a novelty than functional.
    I always upgrade to the new versions. But I have many friends who don’t upgrade. A feature that I would really appreciate is the ability to save a file in a earlier format. Ie version 8 or 9. This way I can keep upgrading and still share my arrangements with friends who can’t or don’t want to upgrade at this time.

  3. sbbodnor
    sbbodnor says:

    The night mode looks like it would make working so much easier on the eyes., and produce much fewer headaches Thanks in advance Forte 10.

  4. Gail Nash
    Gail Nash says:

    I have a couple of requests. I would like to be able to put double bar lines within a measure instead of just on the bar lines. My band music is often written with these double lines indicating separate sections of the music.

    I also find that when I add notes to a score after a repeat sign, the first note is too close to the repeat sign dots to be easily read when the score is printed. It does not look that way on my screen, but I have to move that first note over slightly before I print. I hope this is fixed. It never used to happen in previous versions before 8 and 9.

  5. Dorin
    Dorin says:

    Ooo, looks great, I’m anxious to have the Forte 10 as soon is possible, thank you Forte team for your dedication and hard work!
    Dorin Gavriliuc, Atlanta, GA, USA

  6. Gail Nash
    Gail Nash says:

    I have another problem that has happened to me recently. I had not been adding lyrics for a few months, but the last 2 times I did, I had a terrible time. The words broke up. I had to almost individually highlight each word and put it back together, or move it back to where it should be under the notes. I never had this problem in previous versions before 9. I hope it won’t happen in 10. Is there any way this can be fixed in the version 9 that I have now. I spent almost an hour adding lyrics that should have taken me only a few minutes.

  7. Han Vanderleeden
    Han Vanderleeden says:

    I bought Forte 9 Premium on September 13 because it has the scan capability. I must say that I am very disappointed in what it can actually do, in fact, it is essentaially useless. I certainly hope that Forte 10 ‘s ScanScore engine is a lot better. I request that you give me a free upgrade to Forte 10 in view of the fact that I bought Forte 9 Premium only 2 months ago. This is the second time that I request the free upgrade, I look forward to your response. Thank you.


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