FORTE 10 – Five New Features to Simplify Your Score

FORTE 10 is coming soon! Most of you will have already watched the introduction video with our product manager Simon, but if you haven’t, you can check it out here.

The BIG news for this year is clearly the release of ScanScore and Bandora. But for now, let us introduce you to the new FORTE features we’ve developed for this year’s release.

New Features in FORTE 10

For FORTE users working with more complex scores and parts, the layout saving option will save lots of work. You can now save your favorite layout settings and load them onto any file with one click of your mouse.

Also, the copy function has been redesigned entirely. When saving your work, the correct file name will now be preselected automatically.

If you use FORTE mainly to practice your parts, we have two new features for you:

  1. With the draw function, you can highlight or annotate your scores.
  2. And if you are using FORTE’s playback for practicing, FORTE 10 comes with a lead-in option.
FORTE 10: Five new features to simplify your scores

Stay tuned …

And this is only the start.

FORTE 10 will come with a whole host of new features. ScanScore is FORTE’s new interface to the outer world. And Bandora will be a wonderful playground for musical geeks and freaks.

Come back here soon to keep up-to-date, or follow us on Facebook.

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    ELIAS KOKO says:

    I bought the licensed version of Forte software around April this year and thanks to the developers, i am moving closer to publishing my church hymnal. Looking forward to sending the developers a copy once the book is out. THANKS VERY MUCH.


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