How to Write Drum and Percussion Notation with FORTE

Discover how easy it is to create drum notation (and notation for percussion instruments) using FORTE in our short video below.

Whether you’re a drummer, or including percussion in your arrangements, this is for you because… although writing drum notation is similar to regular notation, there are few key things you need to know. Find out more:


As you can see, we based our drum notation on the most common notation convention used for drummers. This is also the form recommended in Norman Weinberg’s book “Guide to Standardized Drumset Notation.”

Writing drum notation in FORTE

Why choose FORTE 11 software?

FORTE 11 is designed to make writing sheet music fun, simple… and whatever your level of expertise, there’s a version to suit you. 

If you haven’t already done so, check out the free version or download a free 14-day trial of your chosen version. And discover FORTE 11 for yourself today!

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