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FORTE Easter Special

To celebrate the Easter holidays, we have a very special offer for you: 

If you buy your FORTE 10 Premium license between April 18th and 22nd, you will
get a 2nd license to give away for free!
Click here for the offer...

This offer is the perfect way to write sheet music with a friend, band colleague or family member. FORTE 10 Premium includes many great features to help you write and arrange music.

Scan sheet music, don't type it
FORTE Premium includes the ScanScore Ensemble music recognition software, worth $69. The program supports you in digitizing and transposing your sheet music. 

Create automatic arrangements
Bandora Arranger, worth $39, is also integrated in FORTE 10 Premium. This tool turns your songs into full band arrangements or backing tracks.

With this offer you can save 50% and make a friend happy!

ScanScore: Scan, Edit and Play your Sheet Music

What if every sheet of music came with a Play button? What if you could listen to every song you saw in a book or online instantly? With ScanScore, you will get closer to this dream than you’ve ever been. The brand new product from the FORTE developers scans in printed or digital sheet music. […]

How to Enter Lyrics in FORTE 10

We’ve been asked this question many times over the course of the past few weeks: How do I enter lyrics under my scores in FORTE? Here is how. Want more input? Here are some related articles from the FORTE knowledge base: How can I edit the size of notes, staff or song text and customize […]

Free Sheet Music for Christmas

For Christmas, we want to share one of the most popular Christmas carols with you. It is an old German tune, translated into English as “Lo, How A Rose E’er Blooming”. The famous German composer Michael Praetorius set it for choir more than 400 years ago, and it is well-known with most choir singers. So […]

FORTE 10 makes everyone happy

We are overwhelmed by the feedback we’re getting from our customers. FORTE 10 has come out less than a week ago, and we’re already receiving great feedback about the new edition. Today, we’re happy to share some of the feedback we got. Jessica particularly liked ScanScore: My favourite thing about FORTE 10 is ScanScore. I […]

Scan, Edit, Arrange Your Music

In our previous posts, you have seen all the new features of FORTE 10, as well as the new plug-ins ScanScore and Bandora. All of them are real experts. But as a team, as in FORTE 10 Premium, they reveal their whole power. Importing, editing and arranging pieces from a printout or the internet only […]

ScanScore: Scan, edit and play your sheet music in seconds

For FORTE 10 we’ve developed a new music recognition software. It will make scanning and editing printed material much easier. The scan module of FORTE 9 wasn’t entirely reliable with complex scores – which is why we started developing ScanScore. Enhanced optical music recognition ScanScore works with new recognition algorithms, yielding much more accurate results […]

Bandora: Automatic Arrangements With 3 Clicks

Among many improvements, FORTE 10 is going to contain one complete novelty. Bandora, the virtual music arranger and composer, will produce automatic arrangements to your songs. It gives you access to more than 500 musical style files ranging from jazz to pop, rock, swing, reggae, waltz, classical, etc. It works both with and without a […]

FORTE 10 – Five New Features To Simplify Your Score

FORTE 10 is soon to come! Most of you will have watched the introduction video with our product manager Simon by now. (If you haven’t, check it out here.) The big news for this year is clearly the release of ScanScore and Bandora. But for now, let us introduce you to the new FORTE features […]

New Features in FORTE 10 – Interview with Simon

FORTE 10 is going to be released in only a few weeks’ time. After our last message, we received some questions, which our product manager is going to answer in this video. Also, Simon gives you an insight into the new scan engine called ScanScore. And there’s even more: Bandora will help you arrange your […]