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FORTE 10: A First Glimpse

FORTE 10 will be released shortly Today, we want to give you a first insight into FORTE 10. FORTE 10 Premium comes with a new scan engine, which will replace FORTE Scan and render much better results. Also, we are going to release a new tool generating automatic arrangements for your songs. We will post […]

Free Sheet Music by Clara Schumann

Child prodigy, piano virtuoso, travelling musician, composer, “wife of…” and, most of all, the prettiest face ever on a banknote: Happy 199th birthday, Clara Schumann! Her gift to you: free sheet music to download! Here are two songs with piano accompaniment. (1) Sie liebten sich beide (2) Der Mond kommt still gegangen and a choral […]

Summer Quiz: 10 musical questions for cool people

Welcome to our summer quiz! Our summer quiz features the musical birthdays of this week. There are 10 questions ranging from nu-metal to impressionism: Fred Durst to Debussy. Enjoy the quiz! View Survey How did you like this quiz? What subject would you like to be quizzed about? We’re looking forward to your comment!

New Features in FORTE 9.2

We’ve been working for a long time to make FORTE even more easy to use. Today, we’re happy to announce the release of FORTE 9.2. It contains a host of bug fixes as well as a lot of new useful features to help you handle your scores more intuitively. So here you go: Happy scoring […]

Tutorial: 4 Easy Steps to Your Perfect Score Layout

It is an important procedure to set up your score layout in order to finalize your music. In this article, we will show you four steps to get the perfect score page. Please note that FORTE Free and FORTE Basic provide only limited layout options. FORTE Home and FORTE Premium support all possibilities that are […]

Tutorial: Pickup measures within a score

Pickup measures most usually occur in the first measure of a piece. You can add them in the score wizard. Generally, the last measure of the score is then shortened by the note value of the pickup measure. But what to do if a pickup measure is required within the score, like, for example, after […]

Free Sheet Music for the Worldcup Finals France vs. Croatia

For the world cup finals, there’s some sheet music and background information prepared for you about the national anthems of France and Croatia. Download the sheet music here: Soccer Sheet Music The sheet music is optimized for FORTE 9. If you don’t own a license of FORTE 9, download the trial version here. (The download […]

Free Sheet Music: Happy Easter Holidays!

There is some fresh sheet music ready for you and for the upcoming easter holidays. Most of these traditional hymns are English, two are German. The sheet music is optimized for FORTE 9. Download the free sheet music here! No FORTE 9 at your hands? Download the trial version here. We wish you and your […]

Free Sheet Music: “The Musical Offering”

Frederick the Great and J.S. Bach and a musical dialogue On January 24th, 2018 Frederick II celebrates his 306th birthday. Now, that’s some information I might have missed easily, you think with a slight sarcastic nuance? Well, well, well… we have quite a story to tell about Frederick and Johann Sebastian. Without the music loving […]