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Music Notation Software FORTE

Creating Sheet Music Has Never Been Easier!​​​​​

Created by musicians for musicians, Forte is a unique and easy to use music composition software for everyday musicians, teachers and choir leaders. If you are looking for a tool that fits your needs, is easy to use and affordable, Forte is perfect for you!
Start writing scores today!

Discover the New Features of FORTE 10 Premium

Scan, Edit, Arrange. Just do it in FORTE 10!

Have you ever looked at a musical score, in a song book or online, and wished to be able to listen to the song right now, with a full arrangement? FORTE 10 makes this musical dream come true with itsmusic writing software. It is the combination of FORTE with the new components ScanScore and Bandora that makes it so powerful software for music composition.

For example: How about giving a Mozart piano sonata a modern sound? No problem! In our video, Matt shows you how to do it.

ScanScore: The New Scan Engine

Better recognition of notes and comfortable editing options

For FORTE 10 we’ve developed a new music writing and recognition software. It will make scanning and editing printed material much easier.

ScanScore works with new recognition algorithms, yielding much more accurate results than FORTE Scan did. ScanScore comes with
a host of options, making the whole process of correcting and editing quick and simple. Also, there is a playback option. This helps you find the spots where ScanScore needs a little help.

You can still scan scores with your phone or your computer. Reading files from your computer is also possible. On top of that, ScanScore now supports pdf files, like the ones from the IMSLP library.

Bandora: Arrange your Song with only three Clicks

500 ​musical styles for your songs!

Bandora, the virtual music arranger and composer, will produce automatic arrangements to your songs. It gives you access to more than 500 musical style files ranging from jazz to pop, rock, swing, reggae, waltz, classical, etc.

It works both with and without a tune. You can have Bandora accompany your songs. Or, you simply give Bandora some chords for backing tracks, if you want to practise or improvise. Afterwards, just open the arrangement in FORTE to see the scores. In FORTE, you can continue editing, or print parts for your band.

Preview: 5 New Features in FORTE 10

Save and Load your favorite score layout with a single click!

For FORTE users working with more complex scores and parts, the layout saving option will save lots of work. You can now save your favorite layout settings and load them onto any file with one click of your mouse. Also, the copy function has been redesigned entirely. And when saving your work, it will have the correct file name preselected automatically.

If you use FORTE mainly to practice your parts, we have two new features for you. With the draw function, you can highlight or annotate your scores. And if you are using FORTE’s playback for practicing, FORTE 10 comes with a lead-in option.