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FORTE 12 is the perfect tool for writing your own sheet music. And it's fun!

Do you want to write your own scores, play them back to you by choosing between more than 100 instrument plug-ins, and have a whole lot of options editing and customizing your score? Welcome to FORTE 12!

On this page, you will get all the info you need about FORTE Sheet Music Writer. Watch our video now and get started.

FORTE Sheet Music Maker

FORTE 12 not only lets you write your sheet music, but there are some extras...

  • Scan your physical scores or import image and PDF files!
  • Add automatically created arrangements to your sheet music just like a full band or orchestra! 

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So how can I use FORTE 12 Sheet Music Writer?

Start using FORTE 12 and write your own scores in seconds. Use pre-build layouts to start immediately and have the option to print it out with just a few clicks.

FORTE 12 sheet music writer can be used to write sheet music, edit and transpose your scores, have them played back to you, and many more!

Along with FORTE 12 comes a scanning module called ScanScore which lets you scan physical sheet music or digital documents just like PDF and image files.

After having your sheet music scanned, make changes, transpose your parts, or export your document using the MusicXML or MIDI interface.

There is even more: Use Bandora software to create band, ensemble or orchestral arrangements with just a few clicks out of your songs or lead sheets. 

If you need to play along with a full orchestra to practise your individual part, check out our app PlayAlong Orchestra.

FORTE Sheet Music Writer is designed for these professions

Music Professionals like composers and choir directors

Playing classical music

FORTE 12 Premium is the best you can get: Superior functionality, great tools for every musical need you might have, and still a user-friendly interface to get quick and easy results. This is the perfect tool for every (semi-)professional musician to write or edit their own sheet music.

FORTE 12 Premium

Music teachers, band members and choir singers

Music Choir

If you need a fully functional software with a good range of features and still a great price, try FORTE 12 Home.
Create your own scores, have them played back to you, add arrangements and personalize your layout within seconds.

FORTE 12 Home

Hobby musicians, students, and newbies

Writing Sheet Music

FORTE 12 Basic is ideal for musicians completely new to writing sheet music of music software.

Use all the basic music notation options for writing great scores, use the playback feature and print out your results with just a few clicks.

FORTE 12 Basic

Start writing Sheet Music by choosing your perfect product

Not every musician needs the same product. That is why we have created three different editions for individual needs. For example, an experienced music professional will rather need more features and tools for specializing her individual creations, while a beginner might be overwhelmed by a huge range of detailed features.

For these reasons, you have the choice between three products. Need more details? Check out this page:
FORTE 12 Complete Product Range.

What do others think about FORTE?

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FORTE 12 - the best tool to write sheet music

The operation of the FORTE app is made as simple as possible and is based on the familiar concepts that you are already used to from the common Office products. The program layout combines the tasks selected in the 13 main tabs and lets you reach them quickly. This way, all necessary notation tools are quickly accessible and you continue the flow with a minimum of steps to get to specific notation functions.

There are three variants: Basic, Home and Premium. For each level of power and for each notation need, you will find the right tool of music notation for you. With the all-in-one premium package, you can scan and import scores with the ScanScore module, write full orchestral scores with up to 32 instruments per system, record live using your MIDI device to write your notation, add arrangements with the Bandora module, use FORTE Player's extensive sound collection, save audio files as MIDI playback, and more.

When setting up your score, the Score Wizard assists you when you start the program, and you have an extensive list of tools from which to choose. FORTE has two standard modes: select and insert mode, according to whether you want to write or modify your score.

The most useful tool of this sheet music software is the Input Palette. In the Input Palette you will find all the notation items available in FORTE to write a complete score. The handy view of all the score components offered in FORTE in this palette makes writing much more comfortable and avoids hours of browsing through the entire program hierarchy.

When writing your music score, the one-of-a-kind music ruler helps you enter notes exactly to the beat of the bar. The program literally thinks in measures. So there won't ever be any wrong measure. This music notation software independently adds the rests to complete the measure. And you just continue with your great musical motifs.

Features of FORTE 12 for writing sheet music

  • Many premium features available for a low price
  • Full customer support, many helpful tools like tutorial videos and knowledge database.
  • User interface designed for easy start & quick results
  • Hundreds of different instrument sounds for playback uses
  • FORTE Customer Guarantee: Get a full refund within 30 days after purchase if you're not 100% satisfied
  • Audio export functions and multiple playback options

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