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Could I just speak to someone?

Unfortunately, no. We cannot provide any support via telephone. In the vast majority of all requests, it's greater help if we can send you a link or an illustration. Or you can send an error message or your score to us. This exchange of information does not work on the telephone. If you write a message to us, we usually get back to you within a working day (based on our German location).

Writing a request, please provide:

(1) Exact information which FORTE you're using:
Do you use FORTE 9, 10 or 11? Do you use the Home, Premium or Basic edition? Which operating system is installed on your computer?

(2) If possible, please use the same email address that your license(s) are registered to.

(3) Provide precise information.

Please describe the plan for your music and the steps you used as precise as possible. The better the description, the easier for us to help you. Stating "I didn't do anything and then suddenly..." or "Suddenly there was an error message..." is very difficult for us to interpret. (and next to impossible to solve!)

Please provide screenshots of any error messages and feel free to send sketches of what you're planning to do! Thank you!

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