Easy To Use Sheet Music Creator [Updated for 2021]

Here at FORTE, we have long been committed to ensuring our sheet music creator tools are easy to use no matter your level of scoring expertise.

Let’s look a little closer at just how simple this sheet music writer is and how you can get started today, even for free!

FORTE sheet music creator tools being used to create a score

Which edition is right for you?

FORTE comes in four editions but don’t let that confuse you…  

We have FORTE Free which is, as the name suggests, completely free and offers you a great introduction into the world of FORTE. There are three paid editions – Premium, Home and Basic. We offer a free 14-day trial so you can fully test-drive the software before investing in it. 

And if, having purchased the Basic (or the Home) edition, you decide you need the greater capability offered by Home or Premium… you can simply pay the difference and quickly upgrade.

Getting started with FORTE sheet music writer

As soon as you download and launch FORTE, you can open existing scores or start creating new ones. The ‘Score Wizard’ will guide you through the process, step-by-step.

FORTE's score wizard guides the user through the process of creating sheet music

Creating your sheet music

Music composition software has come a long way in recent years and FORTE showcases this fact beautifully. Music notation really can now be as simple as clicking and dragging notes onto a staff. And the once time-consuming, complex task of transposition becomes super-easy too.

FORTE’s user interface is highly intuitive and user-friendly. You can choose from a variety of settings including:

  • Over 100 preloaded instruments
  • Score Templates
  • SGM Soundfont
  • Drum notation settings

FORTE's input palette

The software features:

  • An audio sequencer
  • Intuitive upbeat function
  • MIDI keyboard compatibility
  • Expanded VST capability
  • MIDI Step and Live Recording
  • FORTE Player – Sound Library
  • Audio export (WAV & MP3)
  • XML Import and Export
  • Bandora – Create arrangements

And when you’ve finished working on your score, you will see it in a professional-looking layout, all ready for you to print off.

Why choose FORTE 12 as your sheet music creator?

FORTE 12 is the latest version of this notation software. It is fun and functional to use from the moment you install it. 

FORTE 12 offers you:

  • Overall enhanced usability
  • New Soundfont
  • Superior scanning capabilities of ScanScore 2 (included in the Premium package)

Once you get started, you’ll probably find yourself wondering how you ever managed without FORTE… but don’t just take our word for it, why not download the FORTE Free edition or download a free 14-day trial and check it out for yourself?

And let us know in the comments below how you get on and any questions or feedback you have. We can’t wait to hear!


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  1. Jim Kusbel
    Jim Kusbel says:

    I have Forte 10 and use it to create sheet music SATB. I know that you have shaped notes in the Element menu but you must click on each note to place it on the sheet. As and enhancement, it would be nice to enter notes in the normal way, but have an option that you can click on to convert all the notes to the correct shape note.



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