Easy-To-Use Sheet Music Maker – FORTE [Updated for 2019]

Inputting notes on a score using FORTE's sheet music maker software


As a musician with melodies in your head that you want to get down on paper, you need a sheet music maker that’s super-convenient to use! 

Whether you’re skilled at reading sheet music, a little rusty or a complete novice…

You can easily turn your ideas into professional-looking sheet music using FORTE’s software.

In fact, creating sheet music has never been as simple.

With FORTE 11, you can start writing scores today, without the need for time-consuming tutorials or lessons. 

Four editions to suit different levels

There are 4 editions of the FORTE 11 designed to meet different requirements: 

FORTE 11 Premium offers professional musicians, composers and enthusiasts, a first-class notation package. 

FORTE 11 Home is perfect for music hobbyists, choir/band directors and students. You can use FORTE Home to write scores for up to 16 instruments or voices.

FORTE 11 Basic is great for beginners and for creating scores of up to four instruments/voices.

And finally, FORTE 11 Free is ideal to start experimenting with music notation and sheet music making software for free.

So, whether you’re advanced or a beginner, why not download a free 14-day trial of your preferred version, and… start making sheet music today! 

Simple-to-use sheet music maker 

FORTE is developed by musicians for musicians, and the result is both functional and fun from the moment you install it. 

The Score Wizard takes you quickly through the process of creating a score, step-by-step.

Using the Score Wizard to set up FORTE's sheet music maker program

The interface is user-friendly and intuitive. And as soon as you launch FORTE 11, you can either open existing scores or create your own.

Choose from a variety of instruments, time signatures, musical keys, and even drum notation to start scoring your music.

It really is as simple as clicking and dragging notes onto the staff, and FORTE takes care of the rest.

Input palette from FORTE's sheet music maker software

Once you’ve finished composing a piece with the Score Wizard, the layout is ready to print.

While the simplicity of the software may well be the first thing you notice, it has numerous exciting and advanced features, including:

  • an audio sequencer
  • intuitive upbeat function
  • MIDI keyboard compatibility
  • expanded VST capability

Why choose FORTE 11 music notation software?

FORTE 11 makes creating sheet music easy. And, as your music notation abilities develop, FORTE 11 will help you create your greatest musical score ever. 

Get the music out of your head and down on paper… Create the score and share it with the world!

Check out the free version or download a free 14-day trial of your chosen version. Discover for yourself just how easy FORTE 11 is to use today!


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