Bandora: Automatic Arrangements With 3 Clicks

Among many improvements, FORTE 10 is going to contain one complete novelty. Bandora, the virtual music arranger and composer, will produce automatic arrangements to your songs. It gives you access to more than 500 musical style files ranging from jazz to pop, rock, swing, reggae, waltz, classical, etc.

It works both with and without a tune. You can have Bandora accompany your songs. Or, you simply give Bandora some chords for backing tracks, if you want to practise or improvise. Afterwards, just open the arrangement in FORTE to see the scores. In FORTE, you can continue editing, or print parts for your band.

Watch our video for some examples:

By the way: Bandora will be also be released independently from FORTE. Follow our blog or our Newsletter to keep up to date!

We look forward to reading your feedback and questions in the comments below!

3 replies
  1. John E Ford
    John E Ford says:

    Bandora looks just like the old Jammer Pro interface (of which I am also a licensed registered user) which hasn’t had an update on 10 years. Looks like Forte and Bandora will be breathing new life into what used to be a top of the line auto accompaniment software until development in it stopped.

  2. Irving J. Kropotnik
    Irving J. Kropotnik says:

    Very interesting that this tune is essentially “Soft Kitty”–the tune Sheldon Cooper loves on The Big Bang Theory TV show.
    And I think the styles this person used are pretty inappropriate and sound terrible. First thing I’d do is check those chords. Some don’t sound right to me.
    You asked for opinions; that’s mine. I’d like to hear someone else do this with this tune.


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