ScanScore: Scan, Edit and Play your Sheet Music

What if every sheet of music came with a Play button? What if you could listen to every song you saw in a book or online instantly?

With ScanScore, you’ll get closer to this dream than you’ve ever been…

This brand new product from the FORTE developers scans in printed or digital sheet music. Listening, transposing and arranging a piece is now possible without tedious hours of copying note by note. And thanks to the integration into FORTE 10 Premium, this is possible with a simple click of your mouse.

If you want to learn more about this revolutionary tool, or if you’re already working with it, check out our latest video. You can also download a trial version from

Want to know how to get sheet music into ScanScore? How to listen to it? Add missing notes? Correct the most common recognition errors?

The video gives the answers to all of this – and much, much more!


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