ScanScore: Scan, edit and play your sheet music in seconds

For FORTE 10 we’ve developed a new music recognition software. It will make scanning and editing printed material much easier. The scan module of FORTE 9 wasn’t entirely reliable with complex scores – which is why we started developing ScanScore.

Enhanced optical music recognition

ScanScore works with new recognition algorithms, yielding much more accurate results than FORTE Scan did.

A lot of easy-to-use editing options

Of course, ScanScore doesn’t get everything right all the time. No machine does. But ScanScore comes with a host of options, making the whole process of correcting and editing quick and simple. Also, there is a playback option. This helps you find the spots where ScanScore needs a little help.

Several import options, including pdf

You can still scan scores with your phone or your computer. Reading files from your computer is also possible. On top of that, ScanScore now supports pdf files, like the ones from the IMSLP library.

In our video, Matt gives you an insight into ScanScore and shows you why ScanScore does so much better with complex scores. Watch it right here:

Like Bandora, the virtual music arranger and composer, ScanScore will be available independently from FORTE. Follow our blog or our newsletter to get notified once it is released.

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  1. Padraic
    Padraic says:

    Hi, Can you let me know if Scan Score is available to purchase as an individual software, please explain how I can get the QR Code when

    • FORTE Admin
      FORTE Admin says:

      Dear Padraic,
      ScanScore will be released quite soon. Please follow our website or newsletter to get a notification.
      I’m not sure which QR code you mean. To connect ScanScore to your ScanScore Capture app, go to File > Preferences
      Felix from FORTE

  2. Aaron Thomas
    Aaron Thomas says:

    Having same issue…trying to use scan app, and it keeps asking me to scan the QR code, I have no idea where to find that. I’ve tried multiple places but still nothing.


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