Thank you!

Today we would like to say thank you. Because today we sent the wonderful donation sum of 12.200,40€ to the #coronakünstlerhilfe.

Because it was like this:
With all the challenges Corona has brought us, we were among the lucky few within the music industry. We didn’t have any lay-offs, no one had to be on short-hours, and smonehow, our business meddled through.
On the other hand, the livelihood of many professional musicians has simply disappeared….
In these times, all of us must stand with our fellow musicians and all of the musical world. That’s why we as a company decided that we will donate 10% of FORTE Launch sales to affected artists. We have already written to you about it and now we have done it.

Here you can have a closer look at the initiative:

We thank you very much for your help!
We wish you a wonderful Advent season!

Stay healthy!
Your FORTE team

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