FORTE 12: More than 100 improvements

FORTE 12 is coming! You’ll be glad to hear that out of the total of 115 improvements, more than 40 will help you score more intuitively than before. About 15 crash issues were fixed. In the following video, Barbara will show you some of these improvements:

Note Value

Previously, changing a note’s value was complicated. Now, you can adjust the note value easily. Just select the note and click the desired new value in the input palette or enter the respective number (4 for a quarter, 8 for an eighth note, etc).


You can add and remove measures quicker now – that is, by selecting a neighbouring measure and using the context menu (right-click), instead of scrolling through the ribbons to find the correct command button.

Music Ruler

You just want to write a half note and the music ruler shows divisions into 16th? No problem – we’ve completely revised the music ruler to facilitate the note input. It now adapts to the note value you’ve selected. You’ll have your notes in their right places faster.

Ties and Slurs

Ties and slurs over the edge of a line should not be a complicated thing to do. So this feature is simple now: Select the tie or slur from the input palette and aim at the first note to tie or slur it to the following one.


Every now and then, it’s good to have a tidy and clear things up. So, we gave the ribbons a little facelift and revised the “Simple Mode.” We added some new icons were added and removed some clutter. The “Simple Mode” now features the 18 most important buttons you’ll need. But don’t worry about the updated interface: you’ll still be able to work using your tried and tested old habits – there was just some comfort added. We hope you’ll enjoy the new “face” of FORTE.

And we also hope you’re okay with us skipping the details of the other 110 improvements for now 🙂
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  1. Alfred Ward
    Alfred Ward says:

    When I purchased forte I could only use it via windows, with my music processing and mixing done via iMac when will there be a iMac or apple compatible?

  2. Walter
    Walter says:

    I trust this will be a free upgrade.
    I have not been able to use my Forte 11 Premium with any success or ease.
    Crashing, freezing my PC, etc.
    My initial drive was to be able to scan my music scores (accurately) into Forte and then be able to print, edit, etc.
    Unfortunately, the score scanning is hopelessly inaccurate.
    I was understanding of those of my scores that had become grimey over many years of handling. Or the very old ones that were handed down from grandparents which were mottled and I wanted to “restore / refresh” them. The scan functionality could not handle those – totally hopeless.
    But my real disappointment was when I could take a perfectly good clean score and it could not provide me with an accurate score. I ensured that I could capture a clear clean photo of the original paper score, so the camera was not the issue. The software just is not up to scratch.

    The other requirement I had was to record from my Midi keyboard. Oh-my-oh-my. What a catastrophe! Midi capture was horrendous. I was really wanting to capture my live playing so that I could get the nuances etc which are not so easy to do with a manual step-mode note placement directly in the application (which seems the only way to get a clean composition).

    I’m still holding out in faith that Forte will come to the table with a fantastic, accurate product that will handle all these aspects of music composition, live recording, scanning etc….

    However, I would be dismayed to have to pay again for the upgrade and fixes to make a superb product.
    I have since found another product that does not cost and has much the same features, maybe excluding scanning. But having paid good money for Forte, I would like to see it fly as expected and not for additional money.

    All the best Forte team, let’s see if you fantastic guys can come up with fantastic goods.

  3. Bob Vecchi
    Bob Vecchi says:

    Can you give some details about which crash fixes have been addressed? I have also had issues with tuplets not being implemented properly and if they are deleted the “3” designation does not delete.


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