FORTE 11 – Quick and Intuitive

Preview FORTE 11 - easy notation with these 3 helpers.

Today, we will show you three new features that are included in FORTE 11.

1. Manually add a line break.

Now, you can select the complete measure, and copy it to the clipboard with ctrl+c. To paste, select the desired measure with the mouse, and press ctrl+v.

You can also select several measures by selecting the first of your desired measures, and then, holding the shift key down, click the last measure of your selection, and press ctrl+c.

Again, to paste, select the desired measure with the mouse, and press ctrl+v. The measures you previously copied to the clipboard will be pasted here.

Delete the contents of a measure by selecting the measure and pressing DELETE. The measure is now empty for new input.

2. New ways to select, copy, and shift measures.

Previously, you had to double-click the staff, open the Properties window, and select the number of measures for the selected system. Now, you simply select the measure, press ENTER… and you’re done!

And if you want to add more measures? Just select a measure, and press SHIFT and ENTER.

3. There’s a new playhead

Our final feature for today’s preview: A well-arranged playback. Previously, notes were marked red as they were played back. It was somewhat distracting on longer scores. Now, there’s a large, green cursor moving through the tracks as they’re being played back!

In the next couple of weeks, we’re going to present more of the new features of FORTE 11.
We’re looking forward to your comments and questions on our blog​!

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  1. Caleb Prem Kumar
    Caleb Prem Kumar says:

    I use forte to have printed sheet music only. Present there is no need for me to use all your work. Thank you for your support in extending your forte to me. I am comfortable with your software only.

  2. Rodger Barnett
    Rodger Barnett says:

    My need for music notation software is to simply make transpositi0ons from scores for B Flat clarinet when these have been written in C.
    What version of Forte will meet this need please. The premium version seem a little too expensive for the use that I need. Thank you.


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