FORTE 11 – Playing Back Voices

Rehearse your voice for better concerts

Today, we will show you how much easier choir life is going to be - and, how much more fun the next rehearsal - and the next concert - are going to be, for you.

Maybe you know one of these situations?

1. Despite attentive and studious rehearsing, the music just doesn’t stick with me. In the next choir rehearsal, I’m insecure and nervous. I’m afraid I might sing something wrong, or that I’m the only one “still not knowing” his voice.

2. In order to save space and paper, the female voices share one track, and the male voices share another track. While that’s definitely good for the environment, it’s pretty difficult for the eyes to follow.

3. Actually, I feel quite good about my voice - as long as I’m singing together with the other bass singers. If I’m listening to the other voices, I start feeling insecure about whether I might be singing off tune.

Now, Simon will show you what we’ve devised for FORTE 11…


In the next couple of weeks, we’re going to present more of the new features of FORTE 11. We’re looking forward to your comments and questions on our blog!

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    • FORTE Admin
      FORTE Admin says:

      Dear Dave, FORTE 11 will be released on November 12th!
      We’ll publish the launch offers on this site and, of course, in our newsletter.


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