FORTE 11 Is On The Way!

​The team's favourite features...

FORTE 11 is on the way... and will be here in November! And at the moment, we’re working flat out on finalizing the new program and running the tests. Over the next couple of weeks, we’ll be telling you about the new features in detail.
But today, the team wanted to give you a quick preview video and tell you about what they are each most looking forward to.


​Matt has been working with FORTE the longest. Perhaps that’s why he had so many good ideas that have been integrated into FORTE 11 to create a lighter, more intuitive workflow. 

​Felix works on developing FORTE 11 and is proud of his very first feature: The correct and optimal display of two voices in a second.

​Barbara is looking forward to ScanScore 2, which has been integrated into FORTE 11 Premium. Since ScanScore 2 recognizes lyrics, creating orders of service for weddings and baptisms can now be done in the twinkling of an eye.

​Simon ​is a chorister, so he’s excited to work with the new features for voices. Now he’ll be able to rehearse his bass at home along with his computer and ace the upcoming concerts that he’s performing in. 

​Gernot is excited by the chord-writing upgrades that allow him to finally create, edit and playback his lead sheets… and with Bandora’s virtual arranging software, he can also add extra groove to them. 

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    • FORTE Admin
      FORTE Admin says:

      Our voice talent Dave has been with us for quite a few years and we really love his mellow sound 🙂
      I am comfortable with being dubbed by him.
      (Lest anyone should complain about my German accent.)


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