You Play Your Instrument – FORTE Writes the Scores

We’re in the final stage of developing FORTE 7, and in this video, we show you one new feature you’ll definitely like.

FORTE 7 will write scores for you while you play!

It’ll write music automatically while you do what you enjoy most – playing your beautiful instrument.

FORTE 7 is going to be released in December 2015.

So stay tuned, we’ll be sending out regular updates!

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  1. Patti O'Gara
    Patti O'Gara says:

    I want to know how it is going to work? in other words, what do I need on my computer to use it? Also, Is it going to also pick up songs or just the instruments?

  2. Wendy Martin-Seys
    Wendy Martin-Seys says:

    Will Forte work with my keyboard playing through an amplifier? I like clicking on notes on the computer and putting them in that way.

  3. John Crichton
    John Crichton says:

    Ok, single notes played slowly on a recorder. How about stringed instruments where the melody often is played with multiple notes simultaneously . Would the program work with voice. Will it notate the rhythm ?
    Looks very interesting.

  4. Claudia Thomas
    Claudia Thomas says:

    Those notes I saw written, while my glance was short, didn’t seem to be the notes he played.
    How much will Forte 7 cost?

  5. Vincent
    Vincent says:

    Are going to improve the note entry method, that red dot is a pain to use. Would rather see the note (and note value, – minim, crotchet, quaver etc.) when composing.

  6. Dan Kenison
    Dan Kenison says:

    I need something that I can midi to my keyboard and enter harmonic intervals and well as recording the rhythm.., will it do that?

  7. Johnny
    Johnny says:

    This is nothing new old school, you can do this with Cubase using MIDI same with human voice but only single notes which isn’t much use.

  8. adrian
    adrian says:

    Would love to be able for Forte7 to capture funk and groove (with a reasonable amount of syncopation) bass lines. Maybe I ask for too much?

  9. Art
    Art says:

    If I play guitar and sing or use a recording of me playing guitar and singing what can I expect. – What I am looking for is to produce a lead sheet from that process will this product do this?
    Arthur Brokop II

    • admin
      admin says:

      Dear Arthur,

      no, that is not possible. You can only play or sing a single melodie line. It is not possible to extract multiple tracks from your performance.

      The FORTE-Team


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