How to Enter Notes Using a Virtual Piano or the Keys on Your Keyboard

FORTE 7 introduced users to two exciting capabilities that made it easier than ever to write sheet music with FORTE. These were the ability to:

  1. Enter notes using a virtual piano
  2. Use the keys on a keyboard

In the following video, our support-expert Matthias, outlines these developments and how to use them:

As you can see, you can easily enter notes using a virtual piano on your computer screen.

And you can also use letters to input notes. For example, using the letter “d” on your computer keyboard will cause the note “d” to appear on the screen.

Here are two further related videos:

  1. You play your instrument – FORTE writes the scores
  2. Directly export your sheet music as a PDF

Ground-breaking new functions released each year

Our highest priority has always been to make the musician’s life as stress-free and easy as possible… and that’s why we’re constantly working to improve the usability of FORTE.

Our aim is to launch our latest developments and the improved versions of FORTE in November/December each year.

We’re 100% committed to ensuring that upgrading to the very latest version is quick, easy and affordable! Click here for more information on how to upgrade.

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  1. Vincent
    Vincent says:

    This looks a very interesting way of entering notes, better than I was first asking for, I am looking forward to using the new version. I presume that the offer you made, i.e. free upgrade to 7 still stands. I purchased my version 6 Home edition about three weeks ago.


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