FORTE 11 and ScanScore 2 – Sheet Music Digitized

​Discover ScanScore's new features

Today, Barbara will introduce you to the new features of ScanScore 2. ScanScore 2 is integrated in FORTE 11 Premium and the module will digitize your sheet music in the twinkling of an eye. See for yourself how this is done:

1. ​Edit name and sound of the track

Use ScanScore’s mixer to edit the name and the sounds of each track.

2. Transpose your score

First, set the cursor to the beginning of the music. In the “Organize” menu is the “Transpose Key” feature.

Select the desired key, and also select the direction of the transposition. We want to transpose down to C major. Careful! Remember to select “Transpose all staves”!

3. There’s ​lyrics, too

As you can see, ScanScore also recognizes the lyrics. You can edit the lyrics right here, if necessary. Use TAB to jump from syllable to syllable. Use CTRL+TAB to jump back.

How do you like this feature?
We’re looking forward to your comments and questions​!
And watch out... there's one more FORTE 11 preview waiting for you​.

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