Transposing music with the transposition software FORTE

By Charlotte A. F. Farley

My dad, a former musical director and guitarist for acts like Chuck Berry, Bo Diddley, and The Shirelles, always told me that if you’re going to make it in music, you should learn as many songs in as many keys as possible. He has a valid point, but the only problem is that not everybody can instantly transpose music. Then again, not everybody has to, forte3especially if you have a music writing software that essentially does the hard work for you.
Using Forte’s software allows you three super simple ways to transpose:
Key transposition
Key transposition allows you to easily change the key and range of an entire piece. This could be put to great use by a composer composing for voice, since you can easily customize the song to the voice who will perform by changing to a key that they can perform in.
Interval transposition
Interval transposition will take a passage and move it up or down WITH all of the correct key signature/ accidental markings, which is great for someone who is trying to write sequences: it drastically cuts down input time for passages that are the same (but in a different key area).

Instrument transposition
Instrument transposition is laid out to transpose any given line of the music for a particular instrument: this is great for the solo composer who can write the melody they want, THEN transpose it for whoever you have available with the click of a button!

Just like the rest of the FORTE music composition software, the transpose function is easy to experiment with and intuitive for use.

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  1. Pam Purves
    Pam Purves says:

    I would like to invest in software that will transpose existing songs into a key that suits my view. Piano and guitar are the usual instruments.


  2. Jay
    Jay says:

    Do you have software that transposes recorded music for another instrument? An example for me is playing my recording of Raunchy and getting the harmonica tabs. Do you have a program for transposing to several different instruments? Thanks!!

  3. Leslie
    Leslie says:

    I have a lot of flute music that I would like to transpose for my euphonium. This means that it not only has to change from treble clef to base clef, but it also has to allow me to bring it down an octave or maybe half an octave for my limited range (so far) on the euphonium. Would this program be able to do this?

    • FORTE Admin
      FORTE Admin says:

      Dear Leslie,
      thank you for your comment.
      You can transpose by instrument using FORTE Premium.
      You can change the clef and adjust the octaves as well.

      Kind regards,
      Your FORTE Team

  4. Larry
    Larry says:

    Just started the trial period.

    How do I scan existing sheet music and then transpose it? Do you have a YouTube tutorial that explains this?

  5. Luba Brodsky-Benefiel
    Luba Brodsky-Benefiel says:

    I was dismayed that the download links do not take you to a place to download a trail version. I use Chrome and the link just takes me to what looks like an empty page with a list of articles at the bottom.

  6. Pegeen Eslami
    Pegeen Eslami says:

    I need to transpose section of a part for viola da gamba that has interspersed bass clef and alto clef for cello–eg all into bass clef or tenor clef. I watched the Youtube video above but am not sure I can do this with forte. In otherwords I need to be able to change just sections within a movement of a sonata –not the whole movement– so that it’s in a clef more easily readable by the cellist
    Can Forte do this?

    • FORTE Admin
      FORTE Admin says:

      Dear Pegeen,
      thank you for your comment.
      Yes, you can do this kind of transposition with FORTE.
      Feel free to send the original file to the tech support at
      support (at) fortenotation (dot) com
      to get more details.

      Kind regards,
      Your FORTE team


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