FORTE 10 Home

All the Essential Functions for Creating Scores!

This edition of the FORTE Notation software system is an ideal choice for the music hobbyist, choir director or more advanced music student.
With FORTE HOME you will have immediate access to an advance music notation program that is easy to learn and navigate. You will be creating beautiful scores in as little as 10 minutes! The full FORTE 10 HOME edition is an upgrade from the Basic edition, offering many more useful and creative features. Fuel your passion for music!
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FORTE Home in more Detail

When you’re serious about writing music, you know that you want certain bells and whistles in your composition software, but you don’t always need a fully-staffed percussion ensemble—so why pay for what you’re not going to use? FORTE Home has the bells and whistles that can meet all of your musical composition needs quickly, easily, and affordably.
This edition of the Forte product family is an upgrade from the BASIC edition that includes additional functional and creative features, making it the ideal choice for:
• music hobbyists
• choir directors
• band leaders
• professional musicians
• more advanced music students
• anyone who has some experience in music composition and a familiarity with digital notation software

FORTE Home gives you immediate access to an advanced music notation program that is easy to learn and navigate. As the world’s most intelligent music notation software, Forte combines all the tools you need to create, edit, and perform music with a full-featured score notation engine and visual editing tools for producing professional-quality printed scores.
How can this be? We know what our customers are looking for because we’ve all been a customer before. All Forte products are designed by musicians for musicians, and we know that you don’t want to waste time with tutorials when you could be creating music instead. You won’t have to go through any long training programs to become a master at writing your own scores with music notation software. We designed the Forte interface so that you could learn the system easily, quickly, and intuitively; you’ll be able to write your first piece in as little as 10 minutes!

  • Streamlined interface with seamless control for multi-functional and single function use. Three main tools are clearly structured to ensure efficiency in use
  • The music ruler function allows you to input notes easily without having to insert rests first
  • Import audio to play in conjunction to your composition so you can be even more creative with your score with panning, solo or multitasks, and pitch shift functions.
  • Choose custom layouts or formats from our extensive selection of templates for your score with just a few clicks.
  • Easily export data to .MP3 or .WAVE
  • Customize text alignment and font features to add lyrics to your scores easily
  • The intuitive upbeat function lets you insert uncommon upbeat measures of any length
  • Step-time and real-time entry from midi/keyboard is the fastest way to insert notes: just plug in and go!

Additional benefits of FORTE Home:
• 16 staves
• 2 voices
• 6 max lyric verses pro stave
• Compound meter
• Pickup measure
• optimized Soundfont
• optional FORTE Player
• Save as MP3 or as WAVE
• Layout editable
• Drum notation
• Tablature for guitar and bass
• 25 ornament signs
• 25 ornament signs
• 12 different noteheads
• Option to automatically hide inactive staves
• real-time entry and step-mode entry from MIDI keyboard
• Import files


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