[Video] More News About FORTE 8!

New screen views and music fonts for your scores

Today we have more exciting news about FORTE 8:

FORTE 8 comes with additional screen views for easy layout design. And to make your scores as beautiful as your music, FORTE 8 features four new music fonts so you can add a personal touch to your scores.

New screen views for a better layout
In total, three new screen views have been added to FORTE 8 to give you a better overview of your score. These screen views will help when you work on your score layouts.

You can see one of these new screen views in the image below. This one displays your score in a book format. Using this view, you can adapt the left and right margins of the pages much more easily.

(The video above shows you all screen views.)


This is your score as a book.

New music fonts for your scores
FORTE 8 also brings you four new music fonts so you can give your score a more personal look.

When you choose a new font, it is applied to the note heads AND your performance directions. Adding a jazzy, handwritten style to your score is as easy as one mouse click.


This is what J.S. Bach’s Invention No.4 looks like in “ForteJazz” …


…and this is FORTE’s standard font, “Midisoft Classic”.


What do you think about these new features? And do you have a favourite font?

We’re looking forward to your comments and messages!

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  1. Gail Nash
    Gail Nash says:

    I look forward to Forte 8, but I am still having a serious problem with 7 which has never been corrected. When I am creating my music, the program suddenly freezes and any work I have done since the last time I clicked on the save icon is lost. And I have to use Task Master to end the program, and restart. When I restart, the piece I was working on isn’t listed in the recent list, even though I had already done a save as and named it. After the restart of the program, it does appear in the recent list. However, I get random freezes as I work so I make a point of clicking on the save icon after every couple of measures. This is a nuisance, and I pay for it if I forget.

    I am very pleased that fermata symbol will be more useful.

    Other than that, I love Forte. In 7 though, what happened to some of the previous items such as “D.C. al segno”?

    • FORTE Admin
      FORTE Admin says:

      Dear Drew,

      some files are too old to be converted. That is the reason why it is not possible for us to develope such a converter.
      You could try to import your files with the trial version of FORTE 8 Premium.


  2. Susan
    Susan says:

    I am having the same issues as Gail Nash has above, except with Forte 8. It freezes for no apparent reason every 10 min or so, and I have to completely restart the computer. It isn’t my computer memory, because all other open programs continue to function, including memory hoggers like Youtube. It’s just Forte that is frozen. I restart and lose any changes/additions made since last manual save. Frustrating! I am using Windows 8, big processor, lots of memory.

    • FORTE Team
      FORTE Team says:

      Dear Susan,

      Hello Klmarrott,

      thank you for your feedback.
      We only can solve freezes and crashes in FORTE if we can reproduce the error with our system as well.
      Thus it will be a great help for us if you can describe precisely what you did prior to FORTE crashing or freezing.

      When FORTE crashes, a bug report is created. Usually, this report is saved on your desktop as bugreport.dat
      Please be as kind as to send us this bugreport via email (bugreport@fortenotation.com)

      When FORTE freezes, you can also help us to find out what happened exactly. Please create a dump file:

      1. If FORTE hangs or freezes in any way and it remains open, open your task manager (ctrl+alt+del), right click on “Forte.exe” and choose “Create Dump File”.
      2. Select the whole path which is shown in the dialog and copy it (to the Clipboard).
      3. Then go to “wetransfer.com” (maybe you have to click “Skip” to go to the upload page) and choose on the Upload page “Add files”.
      4. Paste in the field “Filename” the whole path which you copied earlier and press “Open”.
      5. Follow the instructions on http://www.WeTransfer.com, adding your email, and our adress: “bugreport@fortenotation.com”. After that just “Transfer” and that’s it.

      We understand that this is a lot of cooperation to ask for. It will, however, really help us to solve this issue.

      Thank you very much for your understanding and your patience.

      Kind regards,
      Your FORTE Team


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