[Video] 40+ Reasons for FORTE 9

On Friday, November 24th, we will release FORTE 9!

Many FORTE fans have asked us about the new features and improvements in FORTE 9, and whether there’s a concise list or overview.

That’s a great question!

So, here’s a video all about the new features and improvements you can expect from FORTE 9, enjoy!

If you don’t like watching videos or you found the video too fast, no problem. Just download the PDF below with a list of features and improvements:

Click here to download the PDF of FORTE 9 improvements.

How did you like our overview? Are you excited for FORTE 9?

We’re looking forward to your comments below!

Your FORTE Team

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  1. Al Fitzgerald
    Al Fitzgerald says:

    What I’ve really been waiting to see is a quicker loading program.
    I’ve got 12 gig of ram memory on a relatively quick processor and tons of storage space,
    plus many years of practice using speed up tools to maximize the speed of my pc.
    I’m running a 64 bit unit with Windows 10 Home. So waiting for FORTE notation Premium to load for
    20 seconds is irksome.
    On another matter . . . I downloaded 8.5 and was a bit put off when I learned that the files it produced
    were not backwards compatible with 8.0 That means I’ll need to purchase a second copy of your software if I have reason to run the file (produced with 9 on my desktop) at a later date with my laptop.
    I understand my assumptions here may be wrong. While I’m competent with computer hardware
    I’ll confess my knowledge of music software is rudimentary. For the money I’ve invested I’ve been very
    pleased with your product with only a few minor complaints like these. Since this my hobby and not my
    profession (being a musician), I sometimes view your improvements as adding more to my learning curve
    . . . i.e., what I have to relearn when you make improvements that include reassigning key functions and
    the menus. That makes me more inclined to stay with the older version that I’ve come to know rather than
    upgrade for features I’m unlikely to use.
    All of that being “said”, I very much appreciate what your company has accomplished and the
    quality of your support personnel. I’d be interested in learning 3rd party feedback on your software
    help section. It seems very much geared to the professional and I (as a neophyte) find it a bit difficult
    to get around it – it could be more intuitive (??). I expect I’m in the small minority with these comments
    but if they are helpful to you – well, that’s why I took the time to write them.

    Keep up the excellence,
    Al Fitzgerald

    • FORTE Team
      FORTE Team says:

      Dear Al,

      thank you very much for your feedback. We will try to get these things done, too.
      FORTE 8.5 Basic was a music notation starter special for users that do not have FORTE.
      Fact is that we have improved the file format in FORTE 9. FORTE 8.5 Basic uses that new format.
      That is the reason why it is not possible to open new FORTE files in old FORTE versions.

      But I think we will find a solution for that. Please check your inbox.


  2. William Herbert
    William Herbert says:

    Does this version fix the faint ledger line problem? I rarely print out music but play directly from the UI. The faint (almost no-readable) ledger line is a big problem for me.

  3. Tom Kovach
    Tom Kovach says:

    I’ve had Forte 8 Premium since it came out.

    My problem with using Forte 8 Premium is in the voice-recording feature. When I sing into the microphone, the program does not record my voice properly. (In fact, it’s not even close.)

    Does the new version 9 have improvements to the vocal-recognition feature? I did not see any mention of that on the videos.

    • FORTE Admin
      FORTE Admin says:

      Dear Tom,

      thank you for your question.
      No, the recording feature was not improved for FORTE 9.
      Generally, we cannot recommend using your voice to record notes
      – You’d need to sing very clear, accented, without any vibrato etc.

      Maybe you can try with a Piano or a Midi device
      (there’s a midi article how to do that if you check the cloud at the side of this page).

      Kind regards,
      Your FORTE team


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