Free Sheet Music for the Eurovision Fanfare: Let’s Celebrate Europe! [Updated for 2021]

Free sheet music – the Eurovision fanfare, The Prelude of the Te Deum

For over 60 years, the Eurovision Song Contest has shown the uniting and festive power of music beyond the nations.

And the Eurovision fanfare, The Prelude of the Te Deum written by Marc-Antoine Charpentier, is now world-famous.

Free sheet music download

We’re excited to offer you a free sheet music download for the piano part of this iconic piece.

This sheet music is optimized for FORTE 8 but can be used with any of the more recent editions of FORTE.

Here’s your download (a zip-file)

Free FORTE 14-day trial

If you haven’t yet tried FORTE notation software, why not download a FREE 14-day trial as well as this free sheet music and give it a try?

Enjoy the Eurovision Fanfare!
Your FORTE Team

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  1. Donald Novak
    Donald Novak says:

    Thanks for the music.. And never apologize for being European. (I am American by citizenship. but European by blood and culture.)


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