What is new in version 5.1.4?

CPU Support: Older processors are now supported. The minimum requirement is now a processor that supports at least the SSE instruction set.

Fixed issues:
Drawing problems:
   › Some text expressions like “cresc.” and “D.C.” were not positioned correctly and could not be selected.
   › Opening documents with different page sizes could cause staves to be displayed outside the page.
   › A text element could collide with its frame, if visible.
Dynamics: For dynamic ranges like “fp” and “cresc.”, it was not possible to set the ‘from’ value using the popup menu in the Properties Palette.
Some crashes related to the CPU support and the function “Copy Measures” have been fixed.

Previous versions:


XML Import: Files containing “multi-staff parts” are now supported.
Dynamics: The volume value of several dynamic markings has been enhanced.

Fixed issues:
Text Input: When entering text symbols on the score the mouse pointer disappeared.
Launch Window > Recent Files: Too long file names could not be displayed.
XML Import:
   › Pickup measures were not always imported correctly.
   › Files containing text in tag <midi-device> could not be imported.
   › Possible crashes have been fixed when importing meters, transposing instruments and ties.
Video Export: Some translations were missing.
PDF Printer: The music font was not available for PDF printers.


Usability: Selected and non-selected music symbols (e.g. in the Input Palette) can now be better distinguished from each other.
Robustness: A crash reporter is now available in all editions, which accelerates the process of fixing critical issues.
Playback: A playback without any preinstalled MIDI Out Devices (e.g. MS Wavetable Synth) is now supported. (PS: A prerequisite for a playback without a preinstalled MIDI Out Device is a FORTE Edition with VST support, i.e. FORTE Basic, Home or Premium.)

Fixed issues:
Music Font: A rare problem with the installation of the font used to display all music symbols has been fixed.
XML Import: Key of bass clef in piano systems was not always imported.
XML Import: Grace notes were imported with double slurs.
XML Export: Default filename and filter were not formated correctly.
Crash: Fixed prossible crash when editing duration of tied notes.