Release Notes for FORTE 12

FORTE 12.1 contains the following improvements:

  • The metronome now uses the correct sound, always
  • A new, more stable playback cursor
  • This version doesn’t contain the graphical version of the mixer in order to improve the overall stability.


FORTE 12.0.2 contains the following improvements:

  • Improved mixer layout
  • Some pickup measures were displayed inocrrectly, now that’s fixed.
  • Repair the Score Wizard
  • Enable redo after inserting a measure (and then undo)
  • Enable editing of dynamic markings
  • Fix some crashes having to do with copy/paste
  • Always show the correct track name abbreviations
  • Always play back the chord track
  • Save XML files in correct format when saved directly
  • Several small bugs and crashes have been fixed as well.

FORTE 12.0.1 contains the following improvements:

  • Link playback effects to the new mixer when SFZ is active
  • Repair MusicXML import
  • Repair MIDI import
  • Use “General MIDI” Instrument patch map by default
  • Prevent shifting of the score layout depending on VST settings


Release Notes for FORTE 11


FORTE 11.2.2 contains the following improvements:

  • Some files caused FORTE to crash. That is fixed now.
  • Inserting chord symbols no longer causes FORTE to crash.

FORTE 11.2.1 contains the following improvements:

  • The text cursor was broken in some cases. Now it does work at all times.

FORTE 11.2 contains the following improvements:

  • Many bugfixes for seamless lyrics editing
  • Repaired: MIDI Reset now works for VSTR
  • Screen view has been repaired
  • Prevent flickering of the print preview
  • Introducing pseudonymized user tracking for performance improvement (can be deactivated under Options – Workplace)
  • Fixing many crashes
  • Many small bugfixes


FORTE 11.1.1 contains the following improvements:

  • Prevent layout collisions between notation elements and repeats.
  • Highlighting of elements does not appear on printouts or PDFs.
  • Inserting a pickup measure can now be undone.
  • Prevent double-transposing of measures.
  • Prevent blocking of certain note values after inserting a tuplet.
  • DAW export enabled.
  • Improved design of the (note/chord) text input fields.
  • Stop playback with ESC.
  • Copy MIDI Controller values upon copy/paste.
  • Many small bugs fixed.


FORTE 11.1 contains the following improvements:

  • The “below chord” style can be activated for slash chords (Options – Notes/Chords)
  • Fixed some crashes.
  • The Play button has been replaced by a Play/Pause button.
  • On some systems, the FORTE Player was loaded twice. It’s fixed now.
  • Some tweaks for the layout of seconds and voice crossings.
  • Optimized layout for PDF export.
  • “Half” ties and slurs in repeat brackets are now editable.
  • Correct interpretation of grace notes from older or external files.
  • Some smaller bugfixes.