What’s new in FORTE 9.2?

FORTE 9.2 features the following improvements over the previous update 9.1.1:
Enable the DEL key when using keyboard input mode.
Improve usability of Playback controls
Show the title in continous view at the beginning.
Reset zoom settings when opening a new file.
Improve usability of tempo settings.
Create new measure automatically when the end of a song is reached.
Replace the Font “Midisoft Classic” with “ForteClassic”

In addition, the following errors were fixed:
Crash when text encoding is used ind MusicXML file.
Error message about missing “Elevate.exe” on first startup.
Time signature change leads to misplaced repeat sign.
The musical key is not always identified during MIDI import.
Note names for chords are overlaid instead of stacked.
Slur of grace notes is not adapted when note is moved.
Ledger Lines are too faint.
Repeat brackets parts that span over two lines are note moved together.
Bracket properties do not work for piano system.
Split (break) barline for Piano does not work.
Number “1” is not displayed in first measure.
Various layout problems with title texts.
Forte Mobile (.fnfm) files are not visible in FORTE open file dialog.
Large MIDI file leads to a crash
XML import – Layout Problems and crashes
Run in admin mode if started for the first time after an update to solve VST issues.
Automatic update check does not work on startup.