What is new in version 7.1?

Usability: Visual feedback is displayed now when moving title textes and lyric elements via drag & drop.
Layout: Fixed issue with feature “Score > Layout > Options > Optimize System” for hiding empty staves.
FORTE Reader App: The export of tuplets has been improved and an issue that led to duplicated rests has been fixed.

Previous Versions:


Score Wizard: Accordion has been added to the list of predefined instruments. Existing list has been revised and improved.
XML Export: Chord symbols are now exported.
Stability: Some potential vulnerabilities have been eliminated.
FORTE Reader App: Some issues that led to empty scores have been fixed.
Tablature: Fixed a possible crash while editing tablature instruments in the Properties Palette.

XML Export: Instrument names are now exported with appropriate format.
Recording with Microphone: Possible hang after finishing record and clicking on Stop button has been fixed.