Why do I need FORTE?

You still feel a little unsure for what you could use a notation software or you think why it should necessarily be FORTE? We wish to help you on that and put together some cases visitors of our webite told us about. Alle these stayed with FORTE and are now using our notation software in their daily work which makes us very proud, actually.

1. I am quite unhappy with my present notation software and wish to switch to a software more easily and intuively to use.
Writing scores without a long way round, that is FORTE. Our well-arranged user surface and several valuable tools will simplify your work dramatically, right from the start. See for yourself and test us!

2. I am hobby musician and new melodies come up to my mind quite often. However, I rarely have time to bring it to paper!
Do not abandon your inspiration any longer and transfer your melodies to FORTE by using your computer keybord, a MIDI device or keyboard. You will get a professional sheet without investing too much efforts on that.

3. I lead our school band and orchestre and I love a special However, due to the difficult key it would be such a challenge for my students!
With just one click FORTE is able to transpose a whole piece of music into another key. So all your students will have fun to play or sing the simplified sheet!

4. I teach music at school and would like to score computer-based and exchange files with my students!
Working with FORTE makes this very easy to do. For schools we have also special offers. See here for more information about our school packages FORTE Premium Education!

5. I am a member of a church choir and we found old documents of former times wich are still handwritten and thus not easy to work with.
Replay the precious sheets and save them for the next age. You will still be able to do some changes afterwards, the main work, however, will be done by FORTE.

6. I am part of a movie project and responsible for the background music. We do not want to spend so much money on buying music and have some great musicians on board to do it on our own.
Great! Use your own creative potential and safe a lot of money! Let your whole team work with FORTE, just ask for a special price for multi-user licences! We will make you an individual offer!

Picture credits

1) Keyboard: birgitH/ pixelio.de
2) Guitarist: sxc.hu/ siewlian
3) Choir: pixelio.de
4) Blackboard: Martin Günther/ pixelio.de
5) Church window: Burkard Vogt/ pixelio.de
6) Movie collage: Rainer Sturm/ pixelio.de