Forte Notation is happy to offer special discounts for schools, teachers and students!

Get full access to FORTE 12 PREMIUM, our premier edition notation software system with full-functionality for your organization TODAY!

We have a special offer for schools: FORTE Premium Education
…and a special offer for students: FORTE Premium Student License

FORTE 12 Premium Education

Special offer for schools and teachers only

Musicians inspire people. Being musicians ourselves, we understand that you are passionate about sharing the wonders of music with your students. We also understand it is difficult enough to fund a music that offers the bare minimum. We want to help educators share their passion with the next generation, and fuel the student’s passion for music. The education system is difficult, expensive and complicated but it doesn’t have to be when it comes to music notation software. Just think of how excited your teachers and students will be, and how much your classes will benefit from FORTE Notation!

For these reasons we are happy to extend a special discount for our FORTE 12 PREMIUM EDUCATION edition to your school. We want to help you and your teachers to help your students. The doors to the beautiful world of music are now open!

Single license
for teachers

1 x FORTE Premium
for personal & professional use.


Academic license
package S

1 x FORTE Premium +
FORTE Basic for all your students


Academic license
package M

3 x FORTE Premium +
FORTE Basic for all your students


Academic license
package L

5 x FORTE Premium +
FORTE Basic for all your students


Order your academic license package via email on the "Contact us!" button.

In order to benefit from the academic license, an appropriate proof is required.

Do you need a different package from the ones offered? Write us a message!

We're looking forward to hearing from you.

FORTE 12 Premium Student License

Special discount offer for STUDENTS ONLY!

Music is your passion. Unfortunately scoring can be very frustrating and time-consuming if you’re not using great software. FORTE 12 PREMIUM is perfect for students!

This software is easy to learn, easy to use and best of all… budget-friendly! We understand that you're having student pockets and therefore we are offering a special student license discount.

We want to you to be able to share your scores with the world, and FORTE 12 PREMIUM will allow you to create, enjoy and share your musical creativity.

Get immediate access to FORTE 12 PREMIUM STUDENT edition TODAY

Full FORTE Premium Student License: only $110                                                                 

Please provide proof that you are a student by sending us a copy of your student ID

or certificate of enrollment to info(at)