Which Forte Will Be Your Forte?

With 4 editions of the Forte software, there is a Forte just for you! Chose which edition fits your needs and compose your first score in as little as 10 minutes! What are you waiting for… get started today!

It’s easy, it’s fun and best of all, it’s affordable. Find your FORTE!

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FORTE Notenbild
FORTE Premium
The Ultimate Scorewriting Experience for those that want it all. The Comprehensive Edition with the essential notation features. Basic, but everything you need to fuel your passion! Limited functionality, perfect for the novice musician.
Step-time and real-time entry from MIDI device or keyboard
(step-time entry only)
32 staves/tracks max.

16 staves
4 staves
1 stave
4 voices per stave/ track max.
2 voices
2 voices
2 voices
16 lyric verses per stave/ track max.
6 max.
2 lyric verses
1 lyric verse
Compound meter
(5/4, 6/8, 12/8 only)
(5/4, 6/8, 12/8 only)
Pickup measure
Part extraction
Playback quality
FORTE Player
optimized Soundfont
optimized Soundfont
System sound
FORTE Player
Save as MP3 or as WAVE
(as WAVE only)
Swing feeling adjustable
Import of MusicXML
Export of MusicXML
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