FORTE MidiToAudio

Fast, easy and low-priced

Millions of MIDI files are available on the internet: convert them with just one click to WAVE or MP3 within seconds with FORTE MidiToAudio!

You can change the key and the tempo of the MIDI files as you wish, and decide what tracks you want to hear. You can even change the instrument of each track.
FORTE MidiToAudio allows you to create practice CDs with slower versions and playbacks.

  • Features

    • Change the instrument of each track
    • Playlist with songs
    • Transpose by half tones or key
    • Batch mode for converting folders or playlists
    • Change the tempo in BPM (beats per minute)
    • Mute tracks
    • Convert MIDI files to WAVE or MP3 within seconds
    • Invoke Windows Media Player directly for playing audio files or burning a CD
    • Fast convertion per Drag&Drop

FORTE MidiToAudio offers all of this for just $29.

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