You can find a lot of free VST-Instrument plugins online or purchase high quality soundfonts.

FORTE comes with the SFZ-Player installed which has been contributed by RGC.

The SFZ-Player is a sample & soundfont player which can be used to load a big variety of free and

commercial soundfonts. In the program folder "VST-Plugins" you will find the General-MIDI-Soundfont UNISON.

Attention: Before your load a soundfont into the SFZ-Player be sure to select the DFD mode. The option enhances the

player to load big sized soundfonts.

FORTE Player

If you have bought the FORTE Premium Edition the FORTE Player should be your standard VST-Instrument.

The FORTE Player can load up to 16 different soundfonts. You will also find a big sound library with the most often used

classical instruments. For more information have a look at: FORTE Player