FORTE Player

With the FORTE Player VST instrument, you be able to listen to your own compositions.

You can open the FORTE Player by clicking in the main tab "Playback" in the group "VST" on "Edit Instrument".

Attention: To use the instruments of the FORTE Player you have to activate the option "Use VST".

FORTE Player Overview:

The player opens new documents in FORTE with default settings where all 16 channels are set to the general MIDI soundfont UNISON.

If you would like to use a sound from this soundfont go to the right pop-up menu. Here you will find many sounds that are not available in the player library.

Sounds from the general MIDI font can be chosen directly from the track properties. Should there be no entries, click on "Patch", "Device Properties" and choose "Unison" from the left list.

In addition to the 128 GM sounds you now have hundreds of sounds and effects at your disposal. Under "Patch" and "Group by bank" you will see many other sound options besides the general MIDI bank.

If you would like to use one of the better sounds from the player library, you can use the pop-uo menu on the left. Here you will find all orchestral instruments in excellent sound quality.

When you save a Forte-file all your player settings will also be saved and loaded up the next time you open it.

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