Your Upgrade to FORTE 10 Premium

Special Discount on FORTE 10 Premium

  • New Scan Module: ScanS​​​​core Ensemble
  • New Arranger Module: Bandora Arranger
  • Support for Styrian Harmonika
  • New Color Scheme: FORTE Night Mode
  • Save and Load Score Layouts
  • Enhanced Copy & Paste and MIDI Support

"Scanning works great in FORTE 10 Premium - software for scanning sheet music alone can sometimes be more pricy than this all-in-one package. 4.5 out of 5 points." -

New Features in FORTE 10 

ScanScore Ensemble (Only included in FORTE Premium Edition)

ScanScore ensemble captures your image and pdf files and loads them into FORTE. You can also use a physical scanner or our app "ScanScore Capture" on your iOS or Android device.

  • 4 Instruments per Stave
  • Multipage PDF and Image file Import
  • Easy Editing and Export

Bandora Arranger (Included in Premium and Home Edition)

You write your own melodies or songs and want to know how your composition sounds when played by a band? No problem!
With Bandora you now have a tool for arranging your music.