Welcome Microworker!

Please follow the steps below to complete the job


Install the free Android below

Visit the link below with your smartphone, click on "Become a Tester" and download the Forte Scan app on Google Play.


Generate a QR code with your Worker ID

Visit the link below and generate a QR code containing your Microworker's Worker ID, e.g. 3ee9dfa5.


Open the app and scan the QR code with your Worker ID

Open the Forte Scan app and put it in front of the monitor to scan the QR code you generated in step 2 containing your Worker ID.


Take a picture and upload 3 different pages of sheet music

Using the Forte Scan app, take a picture and upload 3 different pages of sheet music you have at home.


Congratulations, your job has finished

After uploading at least 3 different pages of sheet music, your job has finished. Thanks!