Which Mode Am I In?

As you create and edit your music it is important to know when you are in Insert Mode and when you are in Select Mode. There are many different ways to determine what mode the program is in.

Look at the Edit Toolbar

The buttons on the left side of this toolbar areUsed to indicate and set the current mode. The highlighted button tells you which mode the application is in.

Look at the Status Bar

When the software is in Select mode the text is displayed in blue -- in Camera Mode the text is displayed in green -- in Insert Mode the text appears in red and describes which symbol in the Input Palette is selected.

Look in the "Home" tab!

The different modes are listed along with a mark by the current mode.

Look at the Cursor

Most views provide some sort of feedback about the current entry mode by changing the display cursor. The Music Score, for example, displays a line that snaps to the ruler positions when a note is selected in the Input Palette and the software is in Insert Mode, but displays a simple arrow cursor when in Select Mode.