New features in FORTE 9

1. New Design and User Interface

FORTE 9 comes with a completely new design, a modern user interface and more than 120 re-designed icons.

2. Simple Mode

Activate “Simple Mode” to focus on just entering notes. Other icons are not displayed.

On the right side of the simple mode menu, hit the icon “Expert Mode” to change back to the full menu and have all options available.

3. Select Zoom

Draw a box around a couple of notes you‘d like to zoom in on and click “Selection”.

You’ll find this button in the main menu “View” in the field “Zoom”

The selected area is automatically magnified. You can edit notes or elements more easily. By clicking “Whole page”, you return to your original view.

4. Dock the Input Palette

If you move the palette toward the lower area of your screen, you can dock the palette to the screen’s lower edge.
Click on the palette and move it to the lower area of your screen, keep the mouse button clicked while moving.
Draw the palette towards the small blue icon and release the mouse button. Un-dock the palette by double-clicking it.

5. New Virtual Keyboard

The keys of the virtual keyboard light up during the playback of your score.

You can also display the names of the notes on the keys of the virtual keyboard! Various styles for the note names are available. And you can combine the different styles.

Click “Okay” to confirm your choice of note names.

6. Search Library

7. New Playback Options

1. Draw a box around your desired selection, and press the space bar to start playback.

2. If you want playback to start at a certain position, click the control key and keep it pressed down. Click the desired measure, and playback starts.

8. Boomwhacker Notation or Chromanotes

Once you finished your score, you can change the notes’ colors according to a the Boomwhacker system. Select the desired notes (or the whole score with ctrl+a).

Go to the main tab “Notes” and click “Chroma Notes”. Confirm your choice in the properties window that opens.

Well, how do you un-do that?

a) Mark the notes "ctrl+a", select properties, go to the tab “General” and select black as color and confirm.


b) Mark the notes, go to main tab “Edit” and select black from the color palette.

9. Tablet-Ready

FORTE 9 runs on Windows 10 tablets, like the Microsoft Surface. The usual finger gestures are supported.

10. FORTE Reader iOS App

Download the FORTE Reader from the Apple App Store to your iOS device. Use dropbox or icloud services for exchanging your files.

11. FORTE supports Unicode

Unicode allows you to write, copy and paste texts in any language.Write lyrics in Hebrew, Japanese, Chinese, Cyrillic,...