Transposing Sections of Music

Often you may just want to transpose just a small section of music. Perhaps you are experimenting and want to try the "bridge" in a different key relative to the rest of the song, or for compositional purposes, you are transposing a theme or motive.

You can also select notes and/or chord symbols and transpose them individually.

To Transpose a Selected Portion of Music

  • Select the notes you want to change.
  • Select Transpose from the list of Actions in the Properties Palette


Select Transpose from the ribbon menu in the "Home" tab.

  • In the Interval section, select the interval of transposition from the drop list. Predefined intervals range from Prime (no transposition) to Augmented 13th (1 octave + 10 half steps).


Set the octave and number of half steps in the Octave and Half Steps fields.

  • Check the Performance box in the Transposition Affects section.
  • Check the Notation box.
  • Click the Apply button to transpose the music.