The Audio Sequencer

The Audio Sequencer is used to record, position and configure digital audio files which are played along with your music.  The Audio Sequencer is so named after the commonly-used file format (.WAV).

The Audio Sequencer displays digital audio files as horizontal bars positioned along a timeline. By arranging the bars along the time ruler you can specify precisely when a digital audio file will begin playing. After creating your music score, for example, you could try singing along with it and have both the music and the singing playing together.

On the left side of the window, each track contains a set of controls that affect the volume, pan and frequency of the sounds on that track.  Other controls for each track are identical to those in the Mixer and are used to set mute, solo or record/play status of a wave track.

Wave files which occur at the same time are mixed together in realtime so that the end result is a single left/right channel combination.  By adjusting the relative volumes and pans of each track, you can change the composition.