A template is a starting point for another document. Templates normally define a frequently-used track and instrument configuration, but a template could contain a complete drum and bass line if desired. There is no real difference between a template and a normal file saved with a different extension -- in fact, you can even use MIDI files as templates. Normally, however, templates are stored as FORTE Template Files (*.ftf) since they contain notation options and other information above and beyond what a MIDI file can store.

When you create a new document you select one of the templates displayed in the New dialog as a starting point for your document. The program then copies the selected template, initializes it, then opens the copy. The initialization step adjusts certain characteristics of the file according to current user preferences. For example, even though the individual tracks and instruments already exist in the template, the MIDI devices must be updated to reflect the current default MIDI device settings.

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  Creating a Template