Step Recording

Step recording is similar to "normal" recording from a MIDI keyboard except that you do not play along with a specific tempo. The note pitches and velocities are recorded from your MIDI keyboard - just as for normal recording - but the note values (durations) are selected from the Input Palette. There is no metronome and no lead-in measures during step recording.

The advantage of step recording is that you can be absolutely sure that notes are placed at the correct time and have exactly the desired duration. Often recording "live" results in notes that occur slightly too early or have a different duration than the "exact" value. This, in turn, complicates the notation since a given note may be played like an 8th note - even though you might want it notated as a quarter note.

To Start Step-Recording

  1. Be sure you have followed the steps to prepare for the recording.

  1. Click the Step button in the transport control (main tab "Record"),   then click the Record button. 

The transport controls should look similar to the following:

  1. Select a note value from the Notes tab of the Input Palette.

  1. Play a note on the MIDI instrument. The appropriate note will appear in the score, and the clock will automatically advance to the next position.

  1. Follow steps 3-4 to enter notes with different values

To Stop Step-Recording

Click the Stop button on the transport control.

To Step-Record Rests

  1. Select the value of the rest from the Notes tab of the Input Palette.

  1. Click the Step button on the Performance toolbar.


Press the space bar on the computer keyboard.

A rest with the desired duration will be entered in the music, the clock will advance and the next note recorded will cause the rest to be entered.

  To Step-Record Chords

  1. Press - but do not release - the key on the MIDI keyboard corresponding to the first pitch in the chord

  1. Press - but do not release - the keys corresponding to other notes in the chord

  1. Release all notes at once. The chord for all notes will be added to the music score as a chord.