Split Measures Across Systems

You may want to break a measure across a system break to denote phrasing that starts on an upbeat.

Like pickup measures, splitting measures involves custom meters and hidden symbols.

Note: Before splitting measures, make sure that you are finished adding and removing measures and staves. Where the measure is split depends on its relationship to the systems in Page View. Adding measures and Staves will change these relationships. Also, like pickup measures, it is recommended to split measures before adding any notes.

To split a Measure Between Two Systems

  • Insert a redundant meter two measures after the measure that you want to split.
  • Insert a meter at the measure you want to split. Set the meter to correspond with the number of beats that the end of the phrase will go over the barline.
  • Insert a meter at the beginning of the next measure. Set the meter to correspond to the number of beats needed for the upbeat.
  • Hide all 3 meters that you added in the previous 3 steps.
  • Hide the barline at the end of the measure in the first system