Obtaining Information about your Sound Card

When you work with the Technical Support Team it is helpful to know the specifics of the sound card on your system. Some sound cards have "known issues" that require workarounds, for example, and frequently newer components are available from the manufacturer which fix certain problems. There are two types of information that may beUseful: the driver version number and the resource settings.

Driver Version Number

The driver version number indicates when the driver software was written. Sound card manufacturers often release newer versions of their drivers for free, and usually there is a web site where you can download a full upgrade.

Resource Information

The resource information affects how your sound card interfaces with your computer. There are three parameters to determine: the Input/Output Range, Interrupt Request (IRQ) and Direct Memory Access (DMA) setting. These terms may sound scary, but you can relax with the knowledge that they are simply ways to characterize how the sound card is sending and receiving signals from your computer. Sometimes conflicts with other devices may cause your sound card to malfunction or lead to unexpected symptoms.

The steps below describe how to obtain specific details about your sound card. Before calling technical support about issues that seem related to your computer hardware, obtain this information so we can better resolve your problem.

To obtain driver information

  • Click on the Windows Start button and select Settings Control Panel.
  • Double-click on System, and select the Device Manager tab when the System Properties dialog appears.
  • In the Device Manager tab, locate the category named Sound, video & game controllers and double click to display your sound devices.
  • Select the device you want to obtain driver information for, then click the Properties button to display properties for the device.
  • Within the Device Properties dialog, select the Driver tab and record the value listed in the Version text field.

Note: If the field does not contain any actual version numbers, select the Driver File Details... button and record the value in the File Version text field.

To obtain resource information:

  • Display the device properties dialog, steps 1-4 in the instructions to obtain driver information.
  • Within the Device Properties dialog, select the Resources tab.

The Resource Settings area displays different resource types and their corresponding values. Record the values of the Input/Output Range, the Interrupt Request, and the Direct Memory Access -- there may be more than one value in the list, so be sure to get everything.