Select a Music Symbol

The Input Palette is a floating window containing dozens of different music symbols that you can add to your document. The symbols are grouped into 8 different groups such as Notes, Accents, Dynamics, Tempos, and so on.

To Select a Symbol

  • Select the page in the Input Palette containing the desired type of symbol (e.g. Note, Dynamic, Text).
  • Move the mouse over the symbol you wish to select.

The button displaying the symbol becomes "active" when the mouse is over the button

  • Click the mouse on the desired symbol to select it.

Selected symbols in the Input Palette appear as highlighted buttons.

To Display other Symbols

  Click one of the tabs in the Input Palette. The two arrows in the upper right hand corner are Used to scroll through all of the tabs.

  You can right-click the mouse in the Input Palette to display a popup menu containing a list of all the tabs -- simply select an item to display the page.

This method makes it much easier for you to navigate between the tabs.