Select Music Symbols with the Mouse

The mouse is the most common way you use to select music symbols. Before using the mouse to select elements, make sure the application is in Select Mode, then follow the steps below:

To Select a Music Symbol

In a view, place the mouse cursor over the symbol to be selected.

Click on the symbol. The object is highlighted to indicate it is selected. If the Properties Palette is visible, it updates to display the properties of the newly-selected element.

Selecting symbols in one view will select that same symbol in all other views (that can display the symbol). This means that you could sort the elements in some special way in the MIDI Events view, select them, and then edit them visually in the Music Score.

  To Select Additional Symbols

Hold down the Ctrl key.

With the Ctrl key held down, click any other symbols to add them to the selection.

Notice that the objects you already selected remain selected (highlighted).

  To Unselect a Music Symbol

Hold down the Ctrl key.

Click the object to be unselected. The object turns its original color.

To Drag-Select Multiple Symbols

Use this method to quickly select multiple objects.

Click - but do not release - the mouse. As you drag the mouse a selection rectangle is displayed. Symbols which fall within this rectangle become selected.

Release the mouse button to end the drag-select operation.

Note: By default, the selection rectangle selects notes only. You can change this behavior so that other element types are also selected during drag-selection.

To Clear the Selection

Click the mouse over some "empty space" in a view.

Some symbols are selected using a slightly different approach. Click on a topic below for more information:

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