Scan Score

(This function is included in FORTE Premium only)

This integrated scan function allows you to convert a simple notation on paper to a digital score. All this is possible due to a technology called Optical Music Recognition (OMR). This technology doesn't pretend to be infallible. Just as the human eye, it can also make mistakes. Depending on the quality of the printed score, you may experience some notes to be wrong or missing. This scan function is designed to assist you in entering music by doing the main part of the job, but not its whole.

If you need to scan more complex scores, we recommend you SharpEye Music Reader, one of the most efficient music scanning program on the market. For more information, please visit

You can open the scan dialog under the main tab "Import" by selecting "Scan" or over the Launch Assistant under "Import > Scan...".

Or you can click on "Scan" that is located in the main tab "Import".

Click the following link to open FORTE Scan's Help file:

Manual - FORTE Scan

Note: If you receive a system notification while opening, please confirm this notification by clicking "Open" to display the Help. It will be displayed as a separate file that needs to be loaded from the program folder.